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BaT June 21, '18 . . uprated early Courier 100-15-L on east coast

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 1:30 pm
by Victoracing
Mike Oritt, "Awgertoo" on the old Forum, is offering the 1958 Courier 15L for sale. The car has a long history dominating the small-bore class with 1500cc and drum brakes, running multiple series from Sebring to the Glen from 1980s Bob Schmidt to Michael in the 00s.

Per the ad, Mike has rebuilt 100-15L with 1622cc, MGB trans, front disks and 13" wheels for current vintage competition. Contact Mike for all the details. UPDATE 7 June… asking $25k ... Maryland Eastern shore … 305-793-9467

More found here . . .

UPDATE... offered on BaT site 21 June; lots of photos ... 2018-06-21
Great car! Good luck with the auction Michael!
UPDOWNDATE … bid to $14,500 but did not make the reserve.