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Almost here

Post by CharlieN » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:25 pm

Hi Guys,
Welcome to the new home for the Elle'Va forum.
We are a long way from a full running forum, hopefully by late March we will get all the posts that were harvested from the old ForumCircle hosted site.
Please keep in mind that the installation of the old threads will overwrite and new discussions we have before the old data comes in.
We will do our best to move the new threads into a storage folder such that we hope to not loose any of the new while reviving the past 8 years of information.
One thing not functioning in this forum at this time are post notifications, the server can not yet send emails. We are working on this but do consider we are on a muddy road heading for the superhighway. We will be up to speed soon enough and all the crap we have been through with the failing of our host will be behind us.
Charlie North

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