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Roger Dunbar engine number search June 2018

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:16 pm
by Victoracing
You may have seen this post on the UK elva website...

Be advised Roger is in possession of the "Courier short list" spreadsheet that includes the chassis and engine numbers gathered from factory brass tags sent to me for the registry.
1) no need to duplicate this info if your car is on the Registry, he will have it.
2) PDF copy available if you don't have this document
3) I would be happy to add your info to the list if your car is not yet registered.
4) this is a different document, (a spreadsheet format) than the Courier owners' list found here under "Registry" (secure section)
5) following website-closed-scareā€¦.. keep a copy of both in the event my computer crashes, the website goes down permanently, Russian hackers, I drop dead. Too much work done to lose it again.