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VIR Sept. 26, 2020 video on youtube

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 7:02 pm
by Victoracing

Still bummed by the restrictions and cancellation of the 65th?
There was racing at VIR 2020, the Heacock Gold Cup svra event.

Apparently svra has a youtube broadcast ( another strike on svra, by PR omission ) so that we can see some of the action.
The small bore race groups start at counter 23:00 and goes on for about 16 minutes.

Some screenshot stills from the video:
Joe Bojalad, winner OA Saturday 2020 Heacock Gold Cup.png
MGB v. Gobble Courier.png
Gobble chasing Nicholas MGA.png
Mark Gobble Courier #59.png
70-005 Bojalad, VIR.png
Oritt loops it, Blakey BGT in-car.png
Oritt passing failed MGB GT, incar.png
Tom Grudovich, ELVA 200 FJr copy.png