Different Wilmot Hills video, 1960s

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Different Wilmot Hills video, 1960s

Post by Victoracing » Tue Mar 03, 2020 1:32 am

Greg Doerr racing movies, several years at Wilmot Hills in Wisconsin.
The Courier footage is from Midwest Council of Sports Car Clubs, July and August 1962

Car 11 ep ... a RHD Courier, black primer; black with red door repair; bright silver repaint; main focal point
Driver Bob Doerr

Car 72 ep ... a cream or primrose LHD Courier; only appears toward middle of compilation; does well vs. 11
Driver Tom Kleindienst . . . also listed as 12 ep one week

Car 3 ep ... a red LHD Courier; only appears near end of video
Driver Les Ibanez . . . also ran as 39 ep one week

Car 48 gm … a dark Mk.IV sports; also near end of video
Drivers could be John and/or Joan Whaley (49)?
Wilson Whaley listed as Mk.V

Thank you Greg.

Dave Varner's Dad ran a silver Courier #199 ep, but that was LHD.
This Doerr movie is not the same as Dave Varner's.

Greg Doerr movies Wilmot Hills 1960s.png
black 11, side.png
black, red door 11ep side.png
11ep now silver, black stripe RHD.png

cream 72 v. 11.png
red 3 ep, side.png
Wilmot bump BEST.png

Wilmot 62 best ID car 48gm.png
Wilmot 62 Mk.IV sr 48.png
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