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The faces behind the cars

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:11 pm
by Victoracing
Lets put a face with the Elva and internet username.
WatkinsGlen opening 2012, back row .. Kinsey, Mowry, Preston, Tucker, Rhodes, Chicote; ….. front row .. Cossaboon, Bennett, Rich
E1166 BillBennett, AlChicote, Glen 12.JPG
BillBennett, Al Chicote WatkinsGlen IMRRC 2012
Watkins Glen NY 1 ELVA meet 4-22-2012 left Janos Wimpffen;  right Burdette Martin.jpg
JanosWimpffen ( L ) and BurdetteMartin ( R ) Glen 2012
IMRRC Glen 4-2012.jpeg
Gary Cossaboon greets Bill Bennett ( R ) IMRRC 2012 Watkins Glen
Glen Elva's 4_20_12 E1166.JPG
Al Chicote, Joe Marchione, gnicarotciV
ScottPhiliben 173L
ScottsCourier1995.jpeg (3.62 KiB) Viewed 1354 times
Philiben red interior.jpg
ScottPhiliben 173L
Philiben red interior.jpg (33.21 KiB) Viewed 1354 times
RogerDunbar and TuckerMadawick, 55th ElkharyLake, 2010.JPG
RogerDunbar ( L ) and Tucker Madawick ( R ) 55th reunion Elkhart Lake 2010
Road America 2010 (55).JPG
Roger Dunbar congratulates Bob Engberg ( R ) 55th reunion, ElkhartLake 2010
Mr.andMrs.CharlesChance, njmp 2011.JPG
Charles Chance 10-2-L
CharlieNorth 1974.jpg
Charlie North 12L
BillBennett, 1980.jpg
Bill Bennett ( L ) 10-4-L
Winning team Kraftson Elva 34 FP.JPG
Don Kraftson (hat) and team E1188 celebrates win
RandyClark, 76L.JPG
Randy Grantura Clark 76L
PVGP SchenleyPk paddock 13.JPG
PVGP 2013
Scout and Mike.jpg
Mike Stone E1043
Bob Preston.JPG
Robert Preston E1190
Elva HQ njmp60th, RAD,GC, SBM.jpg
RogerDunbar, GaryCossaboon,StanB.Mason, 60th NJMP 2015
BB, JoeM. Al C. 142L
BB 2015 njmp group 60th.jpg
Group attending 60th NJMP 2015
Al C. 142L, Joe M. njmp 60th.JPG
Al Chicote 142L and Joe Marchione, NJMP 2015
69L njmp show Joe and Skip.jpg
Joe Marchione 69L and Skip Lustig
Sonoma 2018 Engberg Mk.II, Wright, Nicholas,Plowden.jpeg
Engberg schools MGA guys John Wright, Jim Plowden, Dave Nicholas, Sonoma 2018
Mr.andMrs.SkipLustig, E1197.jpg
Skip Lustig E1197
Bexhill Museum Mk.III.jpg
Bexhill Museum crew 2018

Re: The faces behind the cars

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 3:44 pm
by Victoracing
I found some photos on a CD, saved from the great computer crash.
My apologies and credit to unknown photographers, but they might have come from Roger's website, Ted Clifton's collection, or the Allison nee Wimpffen book research I did bc. (before computers)
The auto show pic came from Fred Schuchard.

These are names mentioned frequently on the site, people who played a big part in the US story.

Frank G.Nichols and Chuck Dietrich.jpg
FGNichols, ChuckDietrich 1980s
Frank G.Nichols and Chuck Dietrich.jpg (24.82 KiB) Viewed 1097 times
Charlie.Kolb.MKIIIsr car31.jpg
Charlie Kolb, Continental Motors sports and FJr driver '50s-60s
Connie's Elva  E1194 Ford,  1965 Ed Roth display,  L to R Steve Roth, Fred Schuchard, un, Joe Mar.jpg
Roth, Schuchard, unknown, Marchione, driver unknown; 1965 auto show display E1194 C4-T Ford
FGNichols standing R; driver Jon Clifton FJr yellow 38, ATL90.jpg
Clifton, seated; FGNichols standing R

Re: The faces behind the cars: Hank Giffin

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:38 am
by Victoracing
Admiral Giffin, retired

Hank Giffin 43L njmpVRG19.JPG

Re: The faces behind the cars

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:59 pm
by Victoracing
Richard Stockton
Havertown, PA

the alloy Mk.IV sports 1960-62
100-70 srIV alloy Dick Stockton 137gm face.jpg

Re: The faces behind the cars, . . the Hoepers, WI

Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:36 am
by Victoracing
Ray Hoeper advises son Mason on his first event racing Courier 100/106/L.
The Wisconsin team ran the ELVF at Road America, September 2019.

Still taken from Mason's Youtube post, in-car camera.
Mason Hoeper first race in Rays 106L, ELVF 9-19.png