Where did you find your Elva?

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Where did you find your Elva?

Post by Victoracing » Sat Jan 04, 2020 4:27 pm

Do people come up to you and ask "where the hell did you find an Elva?"
field find.jpeg
10-6-L Ian Cameron CAN copy.jpg
barn find.jpg
200-14-R blue small.jpg
200-14-R blue body, side, no top on 2.jpg
notch coupe small.jpeg
coupe small.jpg
Sebring C4-T caged interior small copy.png
been there....jpg
26L Sedgewick 216.jpg
swamp thing small.JPG
E1046 lichen nose 5-2020.jpeg
E1046 buried treasure.jpeg
MkIV coupe small.jpg
64 T-type Mk.IV Coupe MGB,IRS small.jpg
UK lockup.jpg
some assembly required, small.jpg
some assembly required pt.2.jpg
they are out there....jpeg
behind a repair shop.jpg
159L barn find 1998 .png
E1046 in MA.jpeg
E 1086 Greg Perigo opens garage.jpg
barnfind UK.jpg
100-76-L C1 Priebe, Buffalo,NY Hemmings www. 8-2013 dk blue,black copy.jpg
2 larger 76L Elva has left the building, 2013.jpg
abandoned UK.jpg
AL used car lot, 2017 . . really . . .png
barn find Continent.jpg
snowed in.jpg
66L BaT and boxes.png
Elva Cave.jpg
in Hemmings Sports-Exotics.jpg
it looks broken.jpg
Shillings-Naylor FJ200 nee Mk.VI frame.png
damaged back half Courier small.jpg
100-69 Hughes Mk.IV sports body 2 copy.jpg
barn mystery car April 2021 RAD forum.png
GT E1149-T woods.png
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