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My photos are too large to post . . SOLUTION

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 11:56 am
by Victoracing
The new digital cameras and smart phones take amazing pictures. When you go to share them here on the website they are rejected as "file too large"

All is not lost, the solution is in re-sizing, which I just found is quick and fairly easy.

Download the photos to your computer, mine is "iPhoto"
View, choose, and adjust (crop, redeye) the shot. "Duplicate" and keep one original on file.
Click on the copy and resize it by going to "tools" at the top of the screen, click "adjust size"
. . . . you will see sizes and % displayed for your shot. Website photos must be below 200kb, I'll guess your photo is 892kb.
. . . Try a new size approximately 1/4 of the existing and note the new kb total, figured out by the computer automatically. I can fine tune the image size by adjusting size in tenths. 5.4 might yield 212kb, but 5.2 lands at 198kb. BINGO, under 200. Stop here and click "save"
Rename this copy with "small" or your own code to identify the subject has been adjusted.
. . Some pics are already sized below 200, don't enlarge them, you will lose clarity.

This file is now ready to post on the website.
Start your new topic, click attachments at the bottom; click "add file"
Select your "small copy" and it should be added to the post. Preview, . . . OK . . . . Submit
If you are happy with the result, go back to your computer file and move the "small" copy to the trash. Saves space and confusion with the nice, clean original in the future.

This advice is coming from one who is possibly the worst tech person on the planet. If you know a simpler method or something different that works for these new phones, don't hesitate to speak up and share.
Now get out there and enhance the website.

Re: My photos are too large to post . . SOLUTION

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 1:13 pm
by Victoracing
I hope this is obvious but then refer to last paragraph, above.

Click on any of the posted photos to see a nice, large image.